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Adjournment of transit toll

Adjournment of transit toll

Ségolène Royal, Minister of Ecology, announced on Thursday, October 9th, the adjournment “sine die” of the “Ecotax” device for Heavy Goods Vehicles in its entirety. This decision was made following a meeting of over 3 hours with the road transport operators, which have decided to withdraw their threat of strike scheduled for Monday.

“We have decided, firstly, to adjourn sine die the “Ecotax” device, secondly to create a work group (…) thirdly, to intensify the search for solutions on the economic and social global situation for the road transportation industry,” listed Madam Royal coming out of this meeting.

Wednesday, October 8th, the Minister of Ecology shared with the road transport operators her willingness to “set up a group to define, follow-up, apply the device,” starting on the 1st over a period of two months. The objective of this initiative was to ease the relations between the different parties.

Thursday, October 9th around noon, Mr. Alain Vidalies, Secretary of State for Transport, announced having noted “the difficulty of implementation of the Ecotax, including in its stage of experimentation”.

Ségolène Royal has furthermore noted “the willingness of transportation professionals to participate to a fairly funded and lasting solution”.

“As a result of this meeting, we have decided to withdraw the protest strike that we had planned for Monday, 13th” stated Jean-Christophe Pic, President of the national federation of road transport operators (FNTR) just after the Minister.

The Ecotax, which was initially due to be applied in July 2013, has been postponed twice before being adjourned and then replaced by the transit toll. The latter was scheduled for 1 January 2015, but had been postponed to the first months of 2015.

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