paysage route candidature groupage quotidien Rhône-Alpes - Allemagne

Daily groupage Rhône-Alpes (France) – Germany

Daily groupage Rhône-Alpes - Germany

Following the opening of an agency in Bordeaux at the beginning of the year, BBL Transport continues to develop the range of services available to its clients.

So since mid-January, BBL Rhône-Alpes proposes daily grouping services to Germany for import and export alike.

Find all information on the following link “New shuttle Rhône-Alpes – Germany “, and you can contact the St Quentin Fallavier agency at :

1, rue du Ruisseau
Z.I. de Tharabie – BP 722
38297 Saint Quentin Fallavier

Phone: 04 74 95 58 27
Fax : 04 74 95 69 81

Email :

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