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Heavy Goods Vehicle transit toll

Péage de transit Poids lourds


This Sunday, 22 June 2014, the Prime Minister’s office (Matignon) confirmed the withdrawal of the “Ecotax”, implementation of which had been frozen. This device has been remodelled into a “Heavy Goods Vehicle transit toll” and will be put forward under a form to be detailed by Ségolène Royal.

In order to replace the Ecotax, which had stirred up anger of the “Red Caps” in Brittany, the government has introduced a toll system of a new kind as a substitute. This mechanism of “Heavy Goods Vehicle transit toll” shall enter into force on the 1 January 2015 and will apply to trucks of more than 3.5 tonnes on 4 000 kilometres of so-called “heavy transit” trunk roads logging an important heavy weight vehicle traffic.

The 4 000 kilometres concerned by this new measure are the sections registering a “higher than 2 500 heavy weight vehicles by day” traffic, such as the Parisian ring road (“Périphérique”), the department road n°83 in Alsace or the “Centre-Europe-Atlantic” road .

The proposed map thus includes the main toll-free routes allowing to cross the country, but exempts short trips, as well as agricultural vehicles and equipment.

The payment method for carriers are not defined to date; however, “Ouest France” specifies that trucks “must be equipped with a GPS calculating [the distance] travelled and charging accordingly” on a basis of around 13 Euro cents per kilometre.

This new device will lead to an amendment of the preliminary draft amending 2014 Finance Law, examination of which begins this Monday 23 June in the National Assembly, for the purpose to be voted in Parliament this summer.

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