Reconstruction of a school in Nepal

école Shree Gadgade Lower School

Thanks to ISG HOPE and to Enfance Espoir

Reconstruction of a school in Nepal

Our beautiful project finally reaches its end.

On 29 June 2017 the official opening of the Shree Gadgade Lower School in NAGARKOT took place in the presence of local authorities.

The official personalities were invited  to their seats on a podium beneath a canopy. Nepalese dances performed by students gave its rhythm to the ceremony. Everyone then proceeded to the school and the commemorative plaque was officially uncovered by the French Ambassador.

On behalf of the BBL Group, we extend our deepest gratitude to the teams of ENFANCE ESPOIR, because the sponsorship a project is an action that cannot take place without the field teams.

In the light of the program delivered by Enfance Espoir NEPAL, and of everything we have monitored through the mails received at each stage, we found that the tasks carried out in Nagarkot were challenging.

Their full commitment and their essential role as initiators of the project have allowed us to make a dream come true and spread our humanitarian energy out beyond the Himalayas.

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