Today, BBL is a group composed of 16 companies and 30 establishments of human size. Our motto is to keep close to our customer and to our values while increasing the number of our agencies.

The success of our company lies in the richness of the personalities composing it.

At BBL, we anticipate today the transport of tomorrow because the speed at which we are going requires us to have necessary resources to answer all requests, and to care for all our customers!!!

Life is too short to be in the wrong job

The corporate culture of BBL is defined by its values, in essence, it is a company that is both exciting … and demanding !

Whether you are a student, little or very experienced, white, yellow, green, blue, coming from all horizons, we invite you to consult our open positions or to send us your spontaneous application !

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The virtues of energy and renewalTrainees

The training of young people has a long tradition with BBL. Since our establishment, we welcome many trainees and confirm deserving young graduates by hiring every year.

These traineeships are offered throughout the year in France as well as in the subsidiaries in different services: commercial, operations, marketing, finance, IT and human resources.

Beyond your technical skills and your diplomas, we are looking for your fulfilment, which is what will reveal your talents. You will be able to express all your personal abilities by participating in challenging projects and missions within a group constantly evolving.

What is most important to us is You !

Carrying out a traineeship at BBL is first of all to be entrusted with real responsibilities by the team that welcomes you… it is an opportunity for you to express yourself and for us to detect future talent for the group.



Internal promotion within the company is part of our “DNA” since the beginning.

We offer multiple development possibilities to our employees, both horizontally and vertically, in order to assign key positions internally and to open long-term career opportunities in France or abroad, thereby promoting multilingualism.

We support our employees wishing to follow an initial or continuous training, internally or externally, enabling us to improve our chances to put the right person in the right place.



Equality of opportunity and treatment are part of our values expressed through the respect of the richness of personalities and cultures.

To understand the usefulness of diversity leads to refuse any form of exclusion.

This is why we celebrate the day of diversity the first week of June every year.

Our management principles of are solely based on the achievement of objectives and on the accountability of our employees.

These values and principles are deeply embedded in our corporate culture and enable every employee to evolve within the group.

We rely on the fullfilment of each personality to encourage individual and collective performance.

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