Our values

Customer Satisfaction : this first value is the pledge of our success, the attentive listening to the customer’s requirements and our eagerness to meet them guarantee the group’s durability.

Work, because it is in the strength of his projects that man finds his freedom." Any work bears fruit, it creates value and personal fulfilment.

Respect of the other in general, hence of the supplier, the customer, employees, of the hierarchy and the commitments made towards each of the actors contributing to the life of the company. Respect of all the cultures we have the chance to have within the group, being part of our corporate wealth.

Merit, since nothing sustainable nor respectable is obtained unless it is deserved through the development of our respective talents and of our capabilities.

Responsibility each member of the staff, at any level, is responsible for his/her acts in the performance of his/her duties. He/She engages the company by his/her image projected, decisions taken and acts performed. Individual responsibility is the foundation of collective responsibility.

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Integrity : the company grants trust a priori, because we trust the individual. In return, each employee gives the best to make the company successful. It is through honest behaviour that common good is made

The ability to challenge, because nothing in the economic environment is permanent. What is true today will not necessarily be tomorrow. Markets move, only companies in motion survive. Curiosity, open mindedness, non-acceptance of a priori, the quest for improvement and for the whys are all the prerequisite for a real questioning of oneself.

Team work generates enthusiasm, dynamism and a spirit of conquest. It involves the sharing of knowledge and experiences. Exchange is the basis of constructive collaboration, the collective interest is a lever for personal satisfaction.

Value creation : only a profitable and financially sound business can survive sustainably. It is a guarantee for the employees, suppliers, shareholders and customers. Value creation is the result of disciplined management, combined with a relevant policy of operation and development

Optimism, finally, because we firmly believe that there is a future in our industry. Our market is sustainable, and serious players will enjoy longevity

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