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If the BBL Group is now recognized and can offer even more services to its clients, it’s because it has relied on its right core values, those that are necessary to any individual and collective achievement.

The client satisfaction : this first value is a guaranty of our success. A careful attention to our clients’ needs and our will to satisfy them ensure the continued existence of the group.

Labour, because we believe that “Man finds his freedom in the strength of his projects”. Every labor bears fruit, and creates value, and personal achievement.

Respect,the respect of other people in general, that means the respect of our providers, our clients, our collaborators, of hierarchy, and of the commitments taken with every actor who take part in the company’s life. That also means the respect of all the cultures, which we are proud to have within our group, and which we consider as one of our assets.

Merit , nothing lasting or respectable can be obtained unless it is rightfully deserved by the use of our respective personal talents and abilities.

Responsibility , every member of the team, at whichever company level, is responsible for his deeds within his function “exercise”. He put the company’s image at stake in the image he reflects, in his every decision and his every deed. Individual responsibility is the basis of collective responsibility.

Integrity, our company gives its trust “a priori” because we have faith in the individual. Every employee gives his best in return to make our company successful. It is our belief that an honest behavior is instrumental to the elaboration of the common good.

The ability to question ourselves, we are deeply aware that nothing remains the same in our economic environment, what is relevant today might not stay so tomorrow. Only evolving companies can survive in ever changing markets. Our curiosity, open-mindedness, our refusal of “prejudices”, our constant search of improvement, all the “whys?”, are the condition for an actual self-questioning.

Team work, it creates enthusiasm, dynamism, and “a mindset for conquest”. It implies the sharing of knowledge and experience. Sharing is the basis for constructive collaboration. Common interest is leverage for personal satisfaction.

The creation of value, only a profitable and financially steady company can keep itself running on the long term. This also stands as a guaranty for the employees, the providers, the shareholders and the clients.

Finally, optimism, because we firmly believe there is a future for our business area, that our market is “durable”, and that serious “actors” “have a bright future”.

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