abeilles bbl biodiversité

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abeilles bbl biodiversité

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Here is a beautiful wish come true: the purchase of beehives to help biodiversity.

Our three bee colonies love, just as we do, to work hard!

What interest to install beehives in Bussy?  To add value to our large green spaces for a good purpose.

The wind, some birds, some small rodents or insects are valuable pollinators, but it is primarily bees that ensure the best transportation of pollen grains from flower to flower and enrich the soil in fixing nitrogen from the atmosphere.

​Besides cereals and rice, there would not remain much to delight our taste buds…a cherry blossom ​would for example stay at the stage of flower, but fortunately our small bees transform it into a cherry.

And incidentally, we would not have any honey, since it is a natural product that mankind, despite of all its technology, does not know to produce.

​Biodiversity is essential to the environmental balance: should bees disappear from the environment (without being relayed by any means which, for the time being, has not been found) mankind would have no more than four years to live.

​An alarming excess mortality rate of bees occurs in the developed countries because of intensive use of phytosanitary products, pollution, reduction of flowers providing nectar and pollen, electromagnetic emissions etc… all these factors decrease the bees immune system.

Our three beehives are not going to save the world, even if we are passionate about the cause, but we adhere to an effort of protection and safeguard of our biodiversityheroes. By any means, do plant melliferous species in your gardens (…without pesticides…) to feed these sentinels, who respond in kind.

​Big thanks to Jean-Michel (a friend of the nature since he did not get stung ​by the slightest) for his talent as a photographer and for the PLEASURE that he provides our pupils and wards!!!
Our honey harvest is distributed to our customers at the end of every year.
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