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Paper sorting and professional reintegration

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Professional insertion through The sorting of paper

Based on the observation that paper in the offices was thrown directly into the dustbins without sorting, then arrived, still without sorting, in the large dumpster bin in the courtyard receiving pallets, plastic, or any other waste coming from the docks mixed to various materials with no second life, we decided to introduce sorting to the company. This approach also reduced the turnover of the dumpster bins and hence our CO2 emissions.

In searching for different providers, we have had the great pleasure to find an association for social and professional reintegration proposing a paper collection service to businesses. That was what perfectly met our desire to help and to help one another!

Our appreciated partners thus calls once every two weeks to collect used paper that they deliver by bulk to Arjowiggins in Château Thierry – our long-standing customer – which in turn transforms it into paper pulp.

In this way, we save water and wood, to give a new life to white paper returning into the consumption cycle.

We herewith have both an environmental and social utility since the employees collecting our paper are following a reintegration programme. They are “fixed-term reintegration contract” employees for a period of 8 months, 26 hours per week, renewable within the limit of two years.

Through this partnership, we return people to working life, allow them to get back their bearings, to get up, find themselves back in a community, to organize themselves, listen to and understand the instructions of a boss, work in a team and, once well integrated, go on to to learn a new level of technicality.

Once they are in a good momentum, the association gives them access to professional social advisors to sharpen their professional project, to help them to materialize their aspirations by assisting them to find a job or a qualifying professional training to make their dreams come true.

We admire the generosity of this association and extend them our gratitude for their caring and helping approach, since the transition for a specified period through professional reintegration for all these individuals implies to be permanently dealing with new people in a virtuous objective for persons in need. The activity and the concept are for the planet, and therefore for all!

This is only the beginning of our meaningful contributions, the idea is to do our part as the Hummingbird does…

Let us all take action,

Kind regards

Hatice LUIS

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