mécénat pour la musique promotion des jeunes musiciens

Sponsoring of young musicians

Concerts d'Esther mécenat

Long life to young talentLong life to the music

Meeting the great lover of classical music, Madam Nathanièle Esther, has enabled us to initiate this sponsorship of music.

Nathanièle Esther devotes a large part of her time to discover young musicians during competitions, master-classes or concerts.

Driven by a continual quest to discover musical “Young talents”, she thus reveals “tomorrow’s artists” to the general public in a spirit of sharing.

Organized in an atmosphere of community and exchange, each concert represents a unique and wonderful moment offering a privileged space to the carefully selected loves-at-first-sight.

“Les concerts d’Esther” are devoted to support the “Very young talent,” to accompany them and encourage them, as well. Herewith, “Les concerts d’Esther” offer the possibility to these young people to have the same exposure as professional musicians.

In this way, “Les concerts d’Esther” have staged young musicians who have subsequently become winners of the greatest international competitions.

Thank you to Nathanièle to have sought us out for this beautiful cause.

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